Awards & Recognitions

We’re excited and humbled to receive recognition for our work. These are just a few notable examples.
2021 Carlisle GM Nationals

2nd Place2021 Carlisle GM Nationals, Carlisle PA

Our first show and we take home 2nd place in our class.

2022 Carlisle GM Nationals

Carlisle Elite Club2022 Carlisle GM Nationals, Carlisle PA

1 of 10 awards presented by the Carlisle Staff itself.

2023 Carlisle GM Nationals

Carlisle Featured Vehicle Display2023 Carlisle GM Nationals, Carlisle PA

Celebrating 40 years of the Fiero, we were invited to be part on an indoor display at Carlisle along with 11 Fieros representing the best examples from GM.

40th Anniversary Celebration

2023 Mayor's Choice40th Anniversary Celebration of the Pontiac Fiero Event, Pontiac MI

Awarded by the Mayor of Pontiac MI as his favorite Fiero out of all in attendance, as selected on Fiero Day.