Services Offered

You made it this far, but in case you were still wondering what we do ..
Pro Tree

Prototype Projects

Our in-house team has the capacity to create customized pieces based upon your blueprints with the highest regard for anominity. Upon review of your requirements and completion of the required documentation (NDA's, etc.), we will usually have a response with an action plan for your review within 24~48 hours of receiving your completed proposal.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

If you are unable to view a vehicle prior to purchase, we can inspect it for you. We have been working with the Pontiac Fiero for over 30 years, and have personally owned over 100 before giving up keeping track. We can put your dream car through a rigorous, full inspection so you know whether the car you are looking at is worth buying or not.

Emergency Support

When things go wrong - and they will - we'll be here to assist and get you operational again as fast as possible. Our team has the right tools to perform any service required.

Full Service Center

From tune-ups to towing, electrical to engine swaps - we've got you covered. Our shop ensures that you've got plenty of miles of open road ahead of you. Let's get you back behind the wheel as quickly as possible.

Fiero Hauling

Boomtastic Racing has safely hauled Fieros and parts thousands of miles, across Canada, up and down the East Coast, into New England, through the midwest, and into the deep south states. Our dedication to delivering your vehicle, in the same condition that we picked it up in, and as fast as possible is our #1 goal. We haul your car by individually - not lumped in with others traveling around the country. We can haul it running or not, and have winching service available if necessary.


Not quite sure about your next move? Stuck on a project that's going nowhere? Need to sell that Fiero sitting in the garage for the past 10 years? Let us help you work out those details.