Why choose Us

At heart, we're car people. We like the smell of oil, grease and smoking tires. And we want to keep these cars running for future generations to enjoy. We do this through parts and vehicle sales, as well as maintaining an extensive collection of unique Fiero memorabilia to preserve the history. When we can, we also run a 3 car quarter mile Fiero drag team. You can see more of that team by clicking here.

Our Mission

The Pontiac Fiero was America's only mid-engine production vehicle. It didn't make history - it changed it. It gave Pontiac Excitement. It restarted the love of kit cars which hadn't been seen in years. We want to preserve the significance of the vehicle so that others can understand how unique and special this vehicle was to both Pontiac and the world.

What we Do

We've been working with the Pontiac Fiero longer than GM did. We know what it takes to take them from mild to wild. We can help you envision your dream, and then guide you along the journey to achieve it. Let's talk about taking your Fiero to the next level.